Nissan LEAF owner blogs about the life of an EV



NissanLeafLearning about what it’s like to own an electric vehicle is as easy as visiting the Canadian Leaf blog. A Nissan LEAF owner has committed to tracking his family’s journey through purchasing their first EV and learning how the change affects different areas of their life.

The blogger, Ricardo Borba, lives in Ottawa and started writing from the moment of registering and reserving a Nissan Leaf to 21,000 km later, telling readers everything from range when loaded with passengers and camping gear to the details of how the LEAF saves them money.

Borba posted in “21,000 km later”:

“We hit 21,000 km on the Leaf this month and it’s been almost a year since we first took delivery so I thought it would be a good time for a long due update. Overall it’s been a great journey, an incredible experience to be able to drive as much as half the Earth’s circumference without burning any fossil fuel. Not bad for a “range limited” car. So let’s look at the highlights of the experience so far, what went well and the few bumps along the way…

…The Leaf continues to perform like day one. According to the Leaf Range Chart, we’re supposed to have a 2% degradation in battery capacity after 15,000 km, but that’s something still way too small to be noticeable, and I haven’t noticed any difference really.” (Canadian Leaf)

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