Mapping out the Future of EVs in Canada



The Canadian government has been very clear about their support of electric vehicles. As Toronto electricians, and EV supporters, we are thrilled by the plans Canada is making for the future of EVs in Canada. When we were asked to post on The Electric Forum, we knew that we wanted to address this topic.

“In Canada, we’re taking incredible steps forward towards a future where EVs are the vehicle of choice among consumers. Some provincial governments are already offering incentives for EV owners, like cash back for installing EV charging stations or special highway driving privileges.

The general message that the Canadian government seems to be sending EV owners is positive, as is most evident by the EV Technology Roadmap for Canada. This lengthy plan for the future of EVs in Canada discusses a partnership between government and industry in order to form an infrastructure that can support the unique needs of an EV population.

Because we are still learning about what electric vehicles are capable of, ‘Canada is in a race with other countries to achieve the industrial, societal, and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.’1

Energy Storage is the Number One Priority

The main goal the EV Technology Roadmap focuses on is the need for continual development in how much electrical energy can be stored on board a vehicle. We know that the most common hesitation a car buyer has towards purchasing an EV is range limitation.

The Roadmap recognizes Canada’s need for continual improvements to range. Many major Canadian cities have hundreds of kilometers separating them and EV owners cannot expect to travel without charging opportunities with the current battery range available.”

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