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One industry’s journey to a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.

What do film festivals and James Bond have in common?

They’ve both partnered with Portable Electric. 

Portable Electric’s silent and clean energy power generators level new playing ground for the production industry. The difference? Fewer hardware complications and noise pollution than traditional diesel/gas generators. It’s a no-brainer for productions sensitive to sound quality. 

The brain behind the ideation and execution of this novel energy solution is Mark Rabin, founder and CVO at Portable Electric. 

Over a decade ago, Rabin began wondering what the future of clean energy entailed. In our latest interview with Mark, he shares how his clean energy generators ended up on the set of major productions such as the latest James Bond movie. 

An early start and gritty dedication to this innovative concept made Rabin a trailblazer in the clean energy industry. Demand knocked at Portable Electric’s door before they had even opened for business. 

Tune in to hear more about Rabin’s background in clean energy, what inspired his inventive generators, and what’s next for Portable Electric: