Great American Roadtrip Has Gone Electric


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If you’re still skeptical about the practicality of a Tesla Model S, you might change your tune after reading this article. In a refreshingly objective piece, Alex Davies writes about his experience of driving an EV for a 1,019 mile road trip. Outlining both the benefits and the pitfalls of driving an electric vehicle for long distances, the risks aren’t as large as everyone makes them out to be. With EV technology advancing at the rate that it is, the Great American Road Trip is about to get a long awaited overhaul.

“I got where I was going, and I had fun. Better planning would have made thing go more smoothly, but that’s usually the case with any road trip. Nothing goes according to plan. The added time on the road let me see more of the countryside, and the frequent stops kept me rested and relaxed. I even caught up on some reading. All in all, it was relaxing and fun. In other words, it was a perfect road trip.”

Maybe it’s time we all looked into creating our perfect road trips while caring for the planet on which we all live.

Picture from: BMW