EV Car Sales 2013 Infographic



As Canadians continue to become more conscious of their daily wear and tear on the earth, new ways of transportation are on the move. We’re thrilled to continually report that the electric vehicle is truly making its way into mainstream auto sales and this month, we’ve put together some interesting data about EVs in Canada for you to take a look at.

In 2013, Canadians bought 1,657,675 cars and of these 1.6 million vehicles sold and purchased, 2,985 of them were electric. While this still seems like a rather small percentage when you look at overall sales, it still means that there are nearly 3,000 more electric vehicles on the road in our country today than there were this time last year – which is awesome news!

With many businesses, developments, and cities jumping on board and choosing to install EV charging stations for easier on-the-go accessibility, the option to drive an electric vehicle is becoming increasingly more practical, explaining why we’re seeing so many new adopters. We hope that as more affordable, quick charging, and attractive EVs keep coming our way, the trend continues and we see even greater numbers of EVs sold in 2014!

Check out this infographic we put together  with our Digital Agency Pixel Dreams about Canadian EV sales in 2013 to learn more. For our readers who are in the market for an EV, note that the Chevy Volt came way out in the lead for customer preference!

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