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Shipping containers as homes and businesses? Is this the answer to a housing crunch and rising house prices, or is it just another trend we will watch unfold and then fade away? Container construction, whether for business or personal space, is here to stay. It has become a thriving business. From housing and housing extensions to a marketplace constructed entirely of shipping containers, the container industry is alive, growing and here to stay.

Downtown Toronto Container House Extension
Toronto’s first shipping container house extension has been permanently installed in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Queen West district. Nicknamed the Harlem Underground Shipping Container House, the extension consists of three 20’ high cube shipping containers sitting atop a solid concrete foundation.

Downtown Toronto Container House
Storstac has, along with the Harlem Underground Shipping Container House Extension, fabricated and installed Toronto’s first standalone shipping container house. The house has been permanently installed in the heart of Downtown Toronto’s West-End, and modified right here in Toronto’s shipping container fabrication facility. The build consists of three 53′ High Cube shipping containers sitting atop a concrete foundation. Although all shipping containers come from China all of the modification work (window and door openings, staircase openings and paint) was undertaken by Storstac.

The container marketplace

The first ever shipping container market is now opened in Toronto
Through the use of shipping containers, Stackt, the builder-developer, has taken unused land and transformed it into a unique shopping and strolling experience. The space is a cultural lifestyle market mixed with a community meeting hub. The space is designed to feed your curiosity, inspire your thinking and totally entertain you when you visit. This market is shaping up to be Toronto’s coolest new hangout spot.

Contained Living offers an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a sustainable, affordable, and customizable residential space. With wall-tight insulation and radiant floor heating, these shipping containers can fit almost anywhere, making them truly modular. Large windows, renewable electricity, beautiful designer interior, and reclaimed wooden cladding on the exterior all add up to a luxurious living arrangement.

With developments like this, the future is looking bright for housing.

Shipping Container Cottages
A great alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction. Containerized cottages are a fast and easy way to get a cottage installed on-site almost overnight. Whether you are interested in expanding your current cottage living space, adding a ‘bunkie’ or building an entire cottage, you may want to consider the shipping container route.

Shipping container cottages provide the ability to install a ready-to-go living space on your property without worry about contractors, materials or excessive costs. With the shipping container model, you can increase the size of your cottage as often as you want.

The idea of creating a new home or office from something as humble as a shipping container is both exciting and surprising. With the move to more compact living quarters, or micro-units, the shipping container presents the perfect base or beginning for a tiny home, addition, workshop, or cottage. Low cost, eco-friendly and fast to build, shipping container homes and offices are not only stylish, they are rugged. The extra-tough boxes can be stacked in almost any layout and can be customized with every luxury amenity available.

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