Anywhere Fridge: A Solar Powered, Portable Freezer, Fridge and Warmer



A sign that a product has great potential is when someone sees it and wonders why no one has come up with it before. I imagine this is how people felt when the lighter came out, when headphones were invented and now, with the Anywhere Fridge. Invented by Spencer Trotter, from SST Tech, the Anywhere Fridge seems to be the answer to many peoples’ everyday problems. It’s a freezer, fridge and warmer all in one, making grocery trips and camping trips less rushed and hectic by guaranteeing that your ice cream won’t melt and your ice will stay solid. It has USB charging ports for phones, the ability to be collapsed and rolled around like a suitcase, and is made of airplane aluminum making it rust and weather proof.

If it sounds too good to be true, we haven’t even gotten to the best part – it also has two detachable solar panels that charge the battery for those trips you don’t have access to outlets. When you do, you can simply plug it into your wall and use it as a regular fridge for as long as you’d like.

This product sounds great in theory, but will it perform everything SST Tech says it will perform? It’s too early to tell. Still in it’s Indiegogo campaign phase, their sights are set on acquiring the proper funding necessary for manufacturing and licensing. Already having surpassed their $1,000 goal by 6,650% with 18 days left in the campaign, it’s quite evident that the general community is very excited about this revolutionary product.

Here at Signature Electric, we think it’s about time someone took the dive into solar powered appliances. Hopefully this small company from Albuquerque can deliver on this impressive product.

Let me know at @SignatureMark if you would fund or purchase this product for your own use.

If you’re interested in being a part of this impressive product, click here for their Indiegogo page.

Picture from: Gadget Review