A spotlight on Toronto’s solar future


Mark’s ideas for hydro innovation with Toronto City Council

How can Toronto Hydro make sustainability more accessible in our city? Mark appears before the Toronto City Council Executive Committee to discuss precisely that. From online portals to dedicated resources, the suggested low-cost adjustments can make a world of difference for Torontonians entering the world of solar energy.

Mark Marmer appearing before the Toronto City Council Executive Committee

24/7 Online access

To meet Toronto’s climate goals, he suggested an online request model. This model would include adding a live view of the progress of these requests. A 24/7 online access to their Toronto Hydro profile portal would speed up implementation.

A customer portal

Changing the meter from unit directional to bi-directional is often the last step in connecting a solar installation to the grid. The switch allows the customer to use their stored power. It also sends the extra energy back into the grid to offset their hydro costs. If the meter hasn’t been switched, the customer has to pay for the power going back into the grid. The transparency of the customer portal would remedy the confusion.

Providing usage data

Another challenge is when customers want to install electric vehicle supply equipment or electric vehicle chargers. They must prove that the electrical service can handle the added load. This information does not appear in the customer’s bill.The resident has to search tediously for their usage. There seems to be no process in Toronto Hydro to contact to get this information. Other hydro providers offer downloadable, annual, hourly peak consumption reports. This makes it easier for the customer and us to plan these installations.

Next steps

Toronto could empower more Torontonians to pursue solar installation. All it takes is accessibility and communication. Toronto is a city of innovation. The easier the process to join in solar technology, the more homes and businesses can give back to the grid.

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