5 Energy Saving Tips for Condo Residents


When it comes to energy conservation and efficiency, condo residents play a critical role in ensuring that a condo building is up to snuff in these areas. When we’re talking about conservation, we’re referring to the amount of energy being used (or being saved). Energy efficiency means using energy wisely and limiting the wasted energy. Visit our blog article on Energy Conservation vs. Efficiency to learn more!

1.   Use occupancy sensors on lighting in common spaces to make sure that lights aren’t needlessly left on when no one is around. This simple installation can save 45-80% in a room like a storage area or can save 20-80% in corridors.[1]

2.   Replace old appliances with ENERGY STAR® rated ones. These appliances operate with the highest standards of efficiency and, as an added bonus, will lower energy bills. Make sure to encourage your tenants to do the same!

3.   Maintain furnaces on a regular basis. The fan in gas and oil furnaces consume considerable amounts of electricity, so regularly servicing the unit and replacing the filter will limit debris obstructing the fan’s function. A filter needs to be replaced once a month, during the winter months.

4.   Limit the energy consumption of tanks and water heating. Ask your maintenance contractor to check on your control system. An inadequate or incorrectly operating control could be increasing your costs by 20%.[2] If your broilers are more than 25 years old, now is a good time to replace them with new high-efficiency units. Also, consider turning off broilers and heating pumps in the summer. If some residents need heat in the warmer weather, it’s cheaper to provide them with portable heaters than keep the pumps on for everyone.

5.   Insulate, insulate, insulate! All hot water pipes in the broiler room and any running through the unheated areas of the building, like parkades, should be insulated. Make sure that all of the valves and flanges are also insulated, as well as the storage tanks. Where possible, check the insulation levels when refurbishing and upgrading to current standards.


These tips are great for the areas that condo residents are able to make changes in, but having an entire building that conserves energy and uses it efficiently relies a lot on its tenants.  Want to learn more about saving energy?  Click here to download our 20 Energy Saving Tips!



[1] Focus on Energy