Self-Driving vehicles – next big thing?



Self-driving cars are causing quite a stir in the auto industry as companies improve the technology that powers these vehicles. While it only works optimally on highways, the self-driving cars are built with computers whose sensors pick up and analyze everything on the road around it making it as seamless a drive as possible. Recently, Alex Davies of Wired got the opportunity to test out a self-driving Audi A7 on the I-5 and what he has to say is quite interesting. While he was impressed with the general performance of the vehicle, he described the experience as,

“…mundane, almost boring. […] And Audi couldn’t be happier about that […] That’s how it’s meant to be: Piloted driving is about safety and comfort.”

Of course, not having to concentrate on driving gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the scenery around you but don’t think it means you can read a book or go on your phone. Driving a self-driving vehicles means you have to be a good enough driver to take control from a specialized robot in case something goes wrong. You essentially have to have better skill than the machine in order to be allowed to own one of these vehicles. No one has to really worry about that for another three to five years, anyway. Read more about the vehicle and the future of self-driving cars here.

Would you get behind the wheel of a self-driving vehicle? Perhaps you already use cruise controls – there’s not much of a difference! Let me know at @SignatureMark.

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