My whirlpool won’t turn off


The truth is not that the whirlpool won’t turn off; it just won’t turn off in 15 minutes.

Ontario regulation 428/05 for public spas requires that,

“Every owner and operator of a public spa containing hydro-massage jet fittings shall ensure that the spa is equipped with a timing device that controls the period of operation of the jet pump [and] can be set to a maximum of 15 minutes.”

This 15 minute interval appears to cause problems. For many years now, whirlpools have used spring wound mechanical timers. When a health inspector arrives at a spa, he sets a whirlpool’s timer at ‘maximum’ and double checks the device. Inevitably, the timer does not stop within 15 minutes and the inspector shuts down the spa until the owners or managers can rectify the issue.

Individuals facing this problem typically race to replace the spring wound timer. Unfortunately, these timers are not what we would consider ‘finely-tuned’ devices. Even a new one off the shelf will typically run past the 15 minute setting.


We receive calls for this problem not only from property managers, but from pool maintenance contractors, too. It took us some time to devise a cost-effective solution based around a relatively simple installation. After a thorough search process, we located a small and inexpensive timing device, coupled with a watertight pushbutton, that we could use to replace the timer at the deck level.


Once we have installed the new system, the timer is set for just under 15 minutes and will stop exactly at this preset time indefinitely. This has been such a successful solution that we now stock the component parts to allow for a quicker turnaround. We typically have a spa up and running with this solution just one or two days after the customer approves the project.

If you require this service due to a shut down or would simply like to be proactive, please call us at 416-490-8093 and we can provide you with a cost assessment for this work.

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