Colour Me Green: 5 Energy-Saving Tips


Save electricity and help mother nature stay healthy with a greener home.

  1. Clean up your kitchen: Ever wonder about that constant buzz coming from the refrigerator? It’s working overtime. Most older appliances (10 years +) should be replaced with more energy-efficient models. You can also optimize air flow by not overstocking your fridge or opting for a smaller size. Try using smaller appliances for daily cooking like a toaster oven or a slow cooker.
  2. Photovoltaic Paint: Make instant solar panels when you apply this electrolyte-heavy paint to steel rooftops. It’s more affordable than traditional solar panels and may be able to produce electricity in less-than-sunny conditions. Read More about Photovoltaic paint
  3. Electronics Overload: Did you know your laptop, cell phone, television and desktop zap tons of energy even when they aren’t on? Try plugging them into a single power bar and turn it off when not in use.
  4. Love your Furnace: Basic care for this well-loved appliance will keep it functioning optimally. Replace or clean filters every couple months to keep energy use down. Program the heat on your thermostat to lower a few degrees while you’re asleep.
  5. Lower your Laundry’s Impact: It’s simple – wash your clothes in cold water. About 90% of the energy used in washing machines is to heat the water. Front-loading machines are the most energy efficient and will save you on water consumption as well.

In addition to these ideas, look around your home for cracks where heat could be escaping throughout the long winter months. Weather stripping and sealants can help keep warm air inside so you’ll save on energy use overall.