Dexter Forsythe’s passion powers a rewarding career


A chance opportunity sparked a lifelong passion.

With an impressive 40+ year career, Dexter Forsythe’s love of the electrical trade still runs strong. As part of the Signature Electric team, Dexter takes a keen interest in what he does. From installing EV chargers to solar panels, the miracle of electricity and how we have harnessed it continues to impress him.

Dexter got his start by chance. One morning in Jamaica many years ago, a teenage Dexter was called by his brother-in-law to help a young lady up the street. She needed electrical help. Dexter’s brother-in-law put him to work. He quickly fell in love with the trade and never looked back.

In the late 1980s there was very little work in Jamaica. Here in Canada, Dexter’s brother-in-law had lots of work and he invited him to come over. In 1990, Dexter made the move to Canada and started working electrical for his brother-in-law’s construction company.

When he first arrived, he was surprised by the amount of power Canadian houses consumed. Back in Jamaica, it was rare to see microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, and multiple TVs in a home. So the power needed there was much lower.

That wasn’t the only adjustment Dexter experienced coming to Canada. “I had never seen snow before. I was driving home when I first saw flurries. I was so amazed by it that when I turned the corner onto my street, I was shocked to see a Gorilla walk across the street in front of me! It got into a car and drove away! I went home and told my friends. They were cracking up. They told me it was Halloween. That was my first Halloween.” 

One of Dexter’s most memorable jobs was running electrical for a coffee plant. From the roasting stage until the packaging stage, he installed the power needed. The work was exciting and the place smelled like Tim Horton’s organic roast.

Joining the Signature Electric team 15 years ago, Dexter has been impressed with the freedom he’s given to get the job done right. “Mark and the team give their support when needed, but no one is watching over you. Everyone is working hard to get projects done.

Time hasn’t dimmed Dexter’s interest in electricity. He is still wowed by the power and danger of it, and how we use it to power machines and devices of all sizes. Dexter believes green technology and sustainable solutions are taking over the world. It’s just a matter of time.

Dexter has seen exponential growth with car manufacturers. He is regularly installing chargers for Telsa, Porsche, and BMW. 

It’s just a matter of time before we get there, and I mean, it’s better for the environment. So it’s a win-win both ways.” Dexter says.

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