Dating Ourselves


When we moved in to our house 26 years ago the basement had a red shag carpet on the floor that went part way up the wall and little red vinyl dance floor just in front of a homemade bar.  I am sure that this was all the rage in the 70’s.  I can assure that all of this is long gone, replaced by a more subtle carpet, and painted walls.

It’s quite amazing what can date an area.  At one time the standard in pot lights was the 6” down light. We see them all the time in houses and lobbies. For many years it has been popular to install 4” pot lights, which are available in a variety of different trim styles.

Unless you are planning to remove and replace the ceiling it can be pretty difficult to move from the larger pot light to a more modern style. Well, the manufacturers have seen this opportunity and are addressing it not only with an improved style by a much more energy efficient package.

This product Is designed to fit in to many standard 6” pot lights and give the look of a more modern 4” opening. The extra-added benefit is the 13.7-watt LED light source.  There is a big energy savings if the old lamps were somewhere between 90 and 150 watts. Not to mention the 35000-hour lamp life. This unit is dimmable when coupled with correct dimmer.


I was sorting through the variety of new products available looking for something that might have a wide appeal and this receptacle caught my eye.

Our 21st century homes are filed with a variety of mobile devices that need to be charged often through the USB output on our computer. How about changing one or two of the outlets in the house, maybe on a counter or by the bed to be able to directly plug them in. This particular unit combines two USB charging ports with an indicator light and a tamper resist receptacle.


If either of these products interests you or if you just want some advice please feel free to call.

Helping you to stay “current”.


Mark Marmer