EV Control Panels

What is an EV control panel, and why do I need one?

An EV control and metering panel is a dedicated breaker panel with built-in control and metering. This panel is installed in a main electrical room to serve all EV owners in the garage of the building. The panel addresses two critical needs to help accommodate EVs in condominiums.


1. Metering

The panel has a web based interface that shows exactly cost of electricity used by each vehicle. This information can be accessed by the property manager and the EV owner in real time.


2. Control

The panel can sense the overall load and adjust the charging to allow for up to 12 EV’s to be connected in the garage.



Mark Marmer and his team at Signature Electric installed the Tesla wall charger in my condo in Toronto. The installation was an exceptional experience from start to finish. He met with the condo administrators and worked through the process with them. Mark and his team exceeded my expectation. Impressive all around.

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How can I make my condo EV ready?

Electric vehicle owners in condominiums often face challenges when they decide to buy. To many managers and boards this can be the first time that anyone has asked to install a level 2 charger in the garage. They are faced with a number of concerns.


  • Who is going to pay for the installation?
  • Since the power for these vehicles is fed from the common element how can we meter this electricity to reimburse the corporation?
  • If we add individual meters for each user, will we have adequate space for these meters in the electrical room?
  • How much involvement will the management have in reading the meters and calculating the cost per user?


The solution that we propose is a wireless cloud based metering and control system.
This system can:

  • Provide metering and control for up to 12 EV’s
  • The system is compact, fitting nicely into most electrical rooms
  • Allows the owner and manager to track usage through the web
  • The owner or manager can turn the chargers on or off from the web

Who pays for the installation?

The wiring from the panel to the resident’s parking space would normally be paid by the resident, just as if you installed a charger in your own single-family home. The cost of the panel could be paid for by the corporation or charged back incrementally to the users.



Preparing for the future

Condos that have EV control panels installed are considered EV ready. Increasingly, EV ready condos will become the standard.



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