Condo Property Managers

Condo Property Managers

What does a condominium manager ask of their electrical contractor?

Make my job easy. I want to be able to:

  • Place a call for service
  • Have a timely response
  • Have the job done right the first time
  • And receive a bill

At Signature Electric we understand your time pressure.

How we make you job easier

  • Answering you calls and emails for service quickly, even outside of normal business hours
  • Having enough trucks and staff on the road to be nimble. That means a quick response to those occasional rush issues
  • Having experienced and long term servicemen
  • Being able to handle a wide variety of electrical issues in condominiums. These buildings are truly a specialty at Signature Electric. The problem you’re having is likely not unique. We have seen it before and know how to respond
  • Getting your bill to you in a timely manner


Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, join the growing list of condominium managers, who rely on Signature Electric as their electrical contractor.